More then ten years ago some crazy hackers had a great inspiration and started (first as a joke) a project called Netsukuku: a free, distributed and decentralized network, replacing the level 3 of the ISO/OSI stack.

Starting from their theoretical model, we (again, first as a joke) designed the first seed of a peer-to-peer network, melting toghether their starting idea of a decentralized fabric with a minable coin (anche its blockchain/ledger) and a distributed storage with some features in common with FileCoin.

The Initial Coin Offering and the stipulation of every Smart Contract will be managed by a sub-ledger: the growth of traffic, mining and storage will be coordinated and binded to a growth plan responsible of new coin offering, called Epochs. At the beginning of each Epoch all aspects of the platform may be remodulated and optimized.

For every kind of contacts, send an email to info (at) gipoco DOT com

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