More then ten years ago some crazy hackers had a great inspiration and started (first as a joke) a project called Netsukuku: a free, distributed and decentralized network, replacing the level 3 of the ISO/OSI stack.

Starting from their theoretical model, we (again, as a cryptopunk joke) designed the first seed of a peer-to-peer network, melting toghether their starting idea of a decentralized fabric with a minable coin (and its blockchain/ledger) and a distributed storage with some features in common with FileCoin.

Every configuration scenario and future upgrade will be managed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and a sub-ledger powered by a zk-SNARKS powered side-chain: in each epoch the growth of traffic, mining and storage will be monitored and coordinated in a democratic growth plan, responsible of the new coin minting strategy (inflationary or deflationary), new features development (financed by a treasury smart-contract), gas fee management and external initiatives / public relations.

For every kind of contact, send an email to info (at) gipoco DOT com

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